Hello and Welcome to Thomas Greaves Coins and Collectables. The Collectables Section in this Catagory we offer Five Seperate Collectable Catagories. Shipping items including Paperweights, Teaspoons, Caddie Spoons, Knapkin Rings, Pennants, Beer Mug, Corkscrew, Blotter as well as other Souvenir Items. Silver Items Spoons, Salt Shaker, Knapkin Rings, Watch, Fobs, Brooch, Knife and Vesta Case. Jewellery Brooch's, Bangles, Necklaces and Pendant. Exhibitions Spoons, Match Case and Knapkin Ring. Miscellaneous  Paperweights, Vesta, Brooch, Spoons, Buttons and other Various Items. Coin First Day Covers  A small Range of British and Foreign First Day Covers with Coins.